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Monthly Mush Media

Tips and tricks to improving technique and other sections of work pertaining to mycology and similar fields.

Tips and tricks from the collective community of advanced mycologists behind the scenes. Learn how to improve all aspects of your work by taking advantage of the resources available. There will be monthly tips posted pertaining to mycology hopefully encouraging growth within you. We will help share tips about anything from; Microscopes, Agar Dishes/Recipes, Microscopic Slides/Preperation/Oil, Autoclaves, Pasteurization, Amendments, Shelving and Storage, Expanding and Consolidating, Flowhoods, DIY Anything and Everything, Sterile Techniques, Improving Growth, Isolating Genetics, etc…

The Stone Temple Genetics

Est. 2023

Updates from our team of advanced mycologists with enough user experience and research to work together allowing us access to creating new mutations and other genetic crosses for you all within many different species focusing mainly on domestication of exotics, unique strong and stable isolations, as well as new unique genetic crosses focused on returning to the landrace roots to uphold genetic accuracy.

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Quality Control

Always the Best.

We strive to uphold ourselves and our products to the highest standards and quality. Our team is precise and ensures the consistency of each product through trial and error to achieve our desired customization and functionality. Through experience and failure we have achieved a top quality final product that will as well be functional and competitive in pricing.

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