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Grow and Connect Your Hyphae

The Goom Collective is a community of mycologists of all levels working together to strive for advancements and progression within the field. We work together to help you grow with us faster and more efficiently removing all of the misinformation and unnecessary gatekeeping thats held you back. Growing with our community you will find friends and achieve what you want to much faster and gain more knowledge than you may presume! Blessed Be and Mush Love come join our community!
All Subscriptions come with access to unlocking new features and roles for our community server if youre interested in growing faster we work tirelessly on our own projects and our own lives as well as to provide everyone with resources and access to exclusive chats and events.

Plans & Pricing: Welcome

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  • Discord Membership (Pebble)

    Every month
    +$5 Acc. Set Up Fee
    Subscribe to support our community. Unlocks new features and chat access and resources.
    • Discord Exclusive Role
    • Discord Exclusive Chat Access
    • Access to New Resources
    • Acccess to New Features
  • Discord Membership (Stone)

    Every month
    +$5 Acc. Set Up Fee
    Unlocks the giveaway and trade forum chats. Unlocks new features, chats, and resources.
    • Giveaway Channel Access
    • Trade Forum Access
    • New Features
    • Exclusive Role
    • Exclusive Chats
    • Exclusive Access to Preorders on New Genetics
    • New Resources for Advanced Techniques
    • Thank You Letter w/Freebies
    • Access to Preorder and Custom Merchandise
    • Free Consultation (Priority)
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans

Giveaways and Events


Gain access to exclusive events and giveaways!We have a team working on many different events and projects for giveaways, subscribe to Lvl 3 or higher to gain access and support our team in bringing you new research and techniques to continuously advance our field!Genetics testing and other more complex processes are expensive and we work to learn these so we can allow access to a wider scope of mycologists to get test results and further improve their understanding or reputability. We are working hopefully to offer this as courses in the near future to everyone of you! Any and all contributions go directly into growing the community and allowing us to host more events and giveaways! 

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Plans & Pricing: Feature
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